Other Applications

RenalGuard System™ technology is intended to provide medical personnel with a simple method of fluid balancing to maintain a patient's intravascular fluid volume with the aim of preventing hypovolemia or fluid overload.

RenalGuard is also designed to provide additional functions and controls where clinically indicated:

  • Bolus Infusion (ml): infuses a user set volume of fluid over and above the patient's urine output over a 30 minute period.
  • Positive Desired Fluid Balance (ml/hr): infuses a set volume of fluid over and above the patient's urine output.
  • Negative Desired Fluid Balance (ml/hr): infuses a set volume of fluid less than the patient's urine output.
  • Percent match (%): infuses hydration fluid at the set percentage of the volume of the patient's urine output.

RenalGuard System's technology may help provide an alternative solution to manual methods of matched hydration in other renal-protective or general balancing applications.

This technology can potentially be applied to other diagnostic treatments that require the use of contrast, such as CT scans and other radiography procedures. It may also be applicable to those procedures that may result in an insult to the kidney through adjunct devices, drug therapies, or transplant.

The RenalGuard System's technology may potentially be used in a more broad sense as a general renal-protective treatment, based on the theory that high urine output helps the body eliminate harmful toxins more rapidly from the intravascular space. These substances may include those generated from the patient naturally or iatrogenically - those substances such as drugs given to prevent other systemic reactions.

This technology may also have an application in a monitored hospital setting to maintain a patient's fluid balance in the presence of high urine flows, offering the potential to reduce the high staffing needs of "cc for cc replacement," while allowing real-time, accurate fluid replacement.

RenalGuard Solutions, Inc. is planning to conduct further research into these additional potential applications of the RenalGuard technology and will make further information available at the appropriate times. If you are a clinician, and are interested in research within these potential areas of application, please contact us at ClinicalInvestigations@renalguard.com.

RenalGuard is CE-marked for the intended use of temporary (up to 14 days) replacement of urine output by infusion of a matched volume of sterile replacement solution to maintain a patient’s intravascular fluid volume. The RenalGuard System is not intended for infusion of blood, blood components, medications, or nutritional fluids. All treatments administered via The RenalGuard System must be prescribed by a physician. RenalGuard Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to modify the specifications and features described herein, or discontinue manufacture of the product described at any time without prior notice or obligation.

Caution - Investigational Device, Limited By United States Law to Investigational Use.

The RenalGuard System is not intended for the infusion of blood, blood components, medications, or nutritional fluids, nor have any investigations been carried out on patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) or acute cardiac instability.